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What is the scope of doing an MEP course?

Dear Friends,

Scope is fantastic. MEP has started a much needed trend in the world of engineering solutions, in which multiple types of engineers can work together. When we say much needed, then it has huge industry demand in the background. Let’s try to understand it.

Tell us a single engineering solution which was created by only one type of engineer. Automobile? Mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers are involved. Consumer goods? Again many types of engineers are involved. Aerospace? same story. Medical industry? Again equipment are made by mechanical, electronics engineers at the minimum. It is the reality of today's world. All engineering solutions are co-developed by multiple types of engineers. Isn’t it?

Same situation is also prevailing in Civil industry. The civil engineers work on structural part and may be water supply and plumbing part. Mechanical engineers are needed to put air conditioning (including chiller plan, piping, motors, ducts, etc.). Electrical engineers are required to put electrical supply, safety devices, ULV (ultra low voltage) devices like CCTV with security systems, PA systems, access control and so on. Fire detection and suppression is needed in which even chemical engineers are needed to create fire fighting solutions. These all engineers form a team to make final building which becomes a healthy and safe place to stay.

There was a lack of any solution which allowed multiple types of engineers to work together. MEP is first such solution in which following types of engineers work together:

  • Civil engineer

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Electrical engineer

  • Chemical engineer

Following are the areas of work addressed by different engineers:

  • Structural design

  • Heating ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)

  • Plumbing

  • Electric supply

  • Instrument layout and connections

The main value add of MEP solution is to ensure no-conflict in the combined solution. It is ensured by co-working of the entire team. This solution also helps in improving the quality of the structure and expedite the construction phase due to minute level of clarity available to all teams.

We would encourage you to read Insight of MEP industry which gives you an idea about this field across the globe. UAE has made it mandatory, Europe is religiously following it, USA is trying hard to reach 100% compliance, India has already started the journey. Read full detail about it. We are sure you will learn many thing new at Insight of MEP industry.

Job perspective is very high. In fact there is scarcity of work force. We have noticed good salary package to even diploma holders. If you are an engineer then there is good chance that you would get opportunity in UAE within 1–2 years of your working in MEP field.

Friends, in case you like this field then you can make your career in this field. New technologies are coming, solution is becoming interesting day by day. Scope is simply growing, growing and growing.

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