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What is 3ds Max & What is it Used For?

3DS Max is a computer graphics program for creating 3D models, animations, and digital images. It’s one of the most popular programs in the computer graphics industry and is well known for having a robust toolset for 3D artists.

A favorite among game developers, TV commercial studios, and architects, 3ds Max is owned by Autodesk, the same company responsible for programs like Maya and AutoCAD.

3ds Max is often used for character modeling and animation as well as for rendering photorealistic images of buildings and other objects. When it comes to modelling 3ds Max is unmatched in speed and simplicity

What Does 3ds Max Do?

3ds Max is used in the video game industry for creating 3D character models, game assets, and animations.

With an efficient workflow and powerful modeling tools 3ds Max can save game artists a significant amount of time.

Also popular for TV commercials and film special effects, 3ds Max is often used to generate graphics for use alongside live action work.

The movies 2012 and Avatar both made use of 3ds Max in this way.

Who Uses The Software?

3ds Max really caters to architectural designers and game asset artists the most.

As for rigging and animation, 3ds Max has everything necessary for professional work. So it is often used by professional animators working on big budget films, indie films, or even smaller commercial spots that need some 3D motion.

Using skeletons, bone constraints, and kinematics, artists can animate characters using a really simple process that almost anyone could pick up with practice.

Animation in 3ds Max revolves around keyframing bone properties, making it easy to create complex and organic motion.

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