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Roles and Responsibilities of a billing engineer working in a Construction contracting firm

Below are the important roles and responsibilities for a Billing Engineer.

  • Prepare measurement sheet from onsite data & drawings

  • Prepare bill of quantities & bills with rates from Tender

  • Get the bills certified from the client.

  • Prepare & process subcontractor bills

  • Data entry & analysis in ERP Software or SAP (If used by the company)

  • Check bills raised by the contractor. This includes on-site verification of measurement & verification of rates with Tender.

  • To take the measurement from the site engineer.

  • To process it as per the protocol of the company.

  • To follow up on the accounts department for payment.

  • Review of bills of quantities and item lists.

  • Value engineering to achieve functionality, safety, speed of execution and quality at lower costs by evaluation of different options.

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