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How mechanical engineers can make career in EV Industry

Azuko experiences huge interest in its students to learn about EV. The interest vibes coming from all types of engineers, prominently Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and IT engineers. Historically, automotive industry has been the forte of Mechanical engineers however with advent of EV, it will become a joint forte, something like multi-party coalition government. Party with bigger contribution will rule the forte. So what can you do to join this industry and how it may help you to enter into EV industry:

Here is the Azuko advisory for Mechanical Engineers willing to enter into EV industry:

  1. Get hands-on experience on EV - begin with Diploma in EV design

  2. Sharpen your mechanical tools - Diploma in Mechanical CAD

  3. Advanced skills - Choose one of the following:

  4. Master Diploma in Sheet metal and BIW

  5. Master Diploma in Plastic design (Interior/exterior)

To read about the EV industry, what exactly you should learn and how the future looks like, visit

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