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Application of AutoCAD


Hello, Only knowing software features of AutoCAD is not enough, we should understand the application of the same. As a civil engineer, you should know engineering terms and their meaning and usage. In this post we will learn about most frequently used terms: · Floor Plan – It needs a house layout, rooms dimensions, wall, door and window dimensions. · Foundation Plan – It shows the details of location and size of footings · Elevation – It illustrates outdoor wall design of one side. · Electrical plan – It illustrates wiring, lighting fixtures and switches · Plumbing – It shows water fixtures such as sinks, dishwasher, piping and hot water heaters · Perspective drawing – It is more realistic view of any structure. It has 1-point, 2-points and 3-points views. · Roof Plan – It is a ceiling plan which will show fans, duct discharge, lighting fixture, etc. · Furniture Plan – It shows the blocks of sofa, bed, chair, table etc in floor plan · Landscaping – It shows contour lines, greenery, pathway, water-body, etc. We also know that Architectural sanction plan and Structural plan is also main aspect of Civil engineering. Architectural Sanction plan consist of floor plan, elevation, section, wall thickness, door, windows, furniture blocks, north direction symbol, scale, area statement, floor space index(FSI), schedule of door windows and Structural plan consist of slab plan layout, schedule of beams, staircase detailing and beam column junction detailing. Hope it helps. Stay tuned & Stay Connected.. Thanks Azuko Technical Institute

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