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What is BIW?

BIW-Body in White

In the Automotive Industry BIW (Body in White) is the common terminology used to mention the car sheet metal welded structure (body shell).

In today's situation, automotive BIW is made of steel (various steel grade material -DP, DD, HDP etc.) as well as made of aluminium alloy (e.g. AUDI A8)

Sub-assemblies like Under body, Body side Left Hand Side/ Right Hand Side, Front End, Roof etc. gets welded together by various metal joining process e.g. resistance spot welding, Laser welding, MIG welding to make welded metal shell (Without Door, Trunk-lid / Tailgate) , Fender, Bonnet Center) called Body in White.

Automotive car shell made before painting is called Body in White.

BIW joinery decides the exterior and interior look of any car.

All the Interior Parts(Commonly used in Automotive) e.g. Dashboard, Trim (Door Trim, Pillar Trims, Roof liner, Seats are mounted on the BIW shell with the help of various brackets or nuts mounted on the BIW.

Exterior (Commonly used term in car industry) components e.g. Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Fender LH/RH, Side Mirrors are mounted on the BIW shell with the help of various brackets or mounting systems.

In car industry outer look defines the style. BIW sheet metal part shell defines overall car style.

In automotive industry do you know who is linked with BIW?

Following professionals are linked:

1) Product Designer/ Styling Engineer

  • Who designs car profiles via sketch, prepares clay model.

  • Who makes concept vehicles for auto show display?

  • Who makes concepts and present to Top Executives who design product strategy?

2) BIW product designer- R&D Engineers

  • Who design the sheet metal individual components as per the styling data?

  • Who brings the styling to reality via designing individual components in details?

  • Who decide the product specification?

  • Who decides no of spots as per the geometry and strength requirement?

3) BIW process engineer-

  • Who plans the BIW weld shop layout?

  • Who decide the assembly sequence of sheet metal in discussion with die designer?

  • Who decides no of stations required to join BIW panel /sub-assemblies.

  • Who decides no of equipment as per the JPH (jobs per hour) requirement?

4) Die Designer/ Tool designer

  • Who decides the no of tools and process to make the sheet metal?

  • Who design the die for sheet metal component?

5) BIW Fixture designer Engineer

  • Who works with product designer, process planner and die designer

  • Who decides or help product designer to decide the PLP.

  • Who designs spot welding fixture.

  • Who works with process planner to finalize the cycle time?

6) Body Shop Engineer

  • Who weld the panels/sub assembles to form sub-assemblies/assemblies

7) Paint shop Engineer

Who is responsible to get the BIW painted as per the requirement?

8) TCF Engineer

  • Who is responsible for assembly of other aggregates on BIW in TCF lines?

  • Which are these aggregates -Seat, Interior trim, Engine, Exhaust System, and Axle? Fender, Head lamp, tail lap and all wiring harness.


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