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What are some essential skills that a mechanical engineer should learn?

Can you make a product which sells in market?

If your answer is yes then you have all the skills needed from a mechanical engineer. If the answer is no then you need the skills required to make a product.

Industry hires people with specific skills. They call it DOMAIN skills, which are the skills needed for the applications of the engineering. Following are few examples:

  • Plastic design

  • Sheet metal design

  • HVAC design on MEP

  • Die casting design

  • Mold design

  • Piping design

  • and many more

Here a careful selection is important as it is a matter of your career, job satisfaction, growth and lifestyle. We will take one example of right selection and one example of wrong selection.

Example of right selection: If you select Sheet metal design then you can design the products for automotive industry, aerospace industry, electronics industry, consumer products industry, and so many different products in which sheet metal is used. Quite obviously the demand will be continuous and wider. Growth is faster.

Example of wrong selection: If you select piping design then you would work in Oil & Gas industry, Food and beverage industry and few other small applications. The requirement will be higher at the time of making new factory but later the requirement is limited to maintenance activities only. So demand is intermittent and growth would be slower.We have personally seen the people facing this issue.

So what are the right selections:

  1. Sheet metal (Read more)

  2. Plastic design (Read more)

  3. HVAC on MEP (Read more)

For current market condition and for long run,we find above three options to be suitable for mechanical engineers. We advice you to google for job available in these fields to build the confidence. You may choose any one of three in which you find your interest.

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