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What are the best job oriented courses to do after mechanical engineering?

Dear Friends,

Focus of courses which takes you closer to the real industry. Makes sense?

Any industry requires very specific knowledge and expertise. Same concept applies to the mechanical industry. Such courses are called DOMAIN courses.

For mechanical engineering, following three DOMAINS are in demand as of now.

Sheet metal design - It has very wide applications in mechanical industry. Automotive uses it for body structure, closures and surface skins. HVAC uses it for ducting. Electrical equipment uses it for enclosures. Consumer products uses it for body. In fact the list continues indefinitely. If you are an expert of sheet metal design then there are virtually entire industry open for you. Read more.

Plastic design - Plastic is again everywhere. Take automotive, entire interior is made of plastics. Same is the case with Aerospace industry. Electronics devices are big fan of plastics. Medical industry uses it heavily. Look around you and you would find plastic to be present everywhere. If you can design plastic products then your demand is only going to increase, as we always design new products every day. So you can also choose plastic design as a career option. Read more.

HVAC design on MEP - Air conditioning is never going to go out of fashion as long as we seek comfort in our life. HVAC demand is increasing day by day as the population grow. Here I have added MEP with HVAC. MEP is basically an implementation platform for HVAC solution. When you decide to become a HVAC designer then you must be able to implement the same on MEP, else it is incomplete. If you want to pursue your career in HVAC then first understand the industry by reading here.

How does DOMAIN learning help in current slowdown?

Let us take the example of Automotive industry in which slowdown is prevailing. The root cause of slowdown is arrival of Electric Vehicle. When industry is busy in making new Electric Vehicles then definitely following work is needed:

  • Making new body structure

  • Making new interiors

Who will design them? Obviously those who know about Sheet Metal and Plastic designs. So if you are good at either of these skills then you will be required in new automotive industry.

In addition to automotive industry, you also have lots of requirements in other industries like aerospace, consumer products, electronics, HVAC, etc.

So choose any one of them in which you find your interest and plan your career.

All the Best!

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