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Modern Family Room Decorating Ideas

A space shared by each and every member of the kin, the family room is the first chamber that anyone visiting your home witnesses. In fact, your living room design is a statement of your lifestyle, and a crucial part of your household’s identity. Needless to say, such a place calls for immaculate design and décor.

Want to spruce up your family room, or turn an unused space into a modern family room everyone wants to spend time in together? Here are some of the most popular elements in an inviting family room:

  • A large, comfortable sofa or sectional

  • Extra chairs, ottomans or beanbags

  • Lots of throw pillows

  • A rug, for lounging

  • A TV, and the accompanying accessories

  • A surround sound system to create a mini-theater experience

  • Video games, board games or other entertainment

  • A billiards table, a dart board, or other favorite lounge games

  • A small bar area, or a spot for refreshments

  • A play area for kids

  • A desk or table for games, crafts or homework

Have fun decorating your family room! You already have a living room, so infuse some personality into your den or family room, creating a space which expresses who your family really is. Make it personal with favorite photos, artwork and other objects. Make the space more vibrant by adding bold color, and make it special with a unique family theme.

Here’s some modern family room decorating ideas, for inspiration. They’re stylish and polished enough for adults, yet fun and energetic enough to appeal to kids as well.

Family room decorating ideas featuring vibrant colors​

Throw pillows, an area rug and large, graphic wall art adds color and life

A basement family room lacks natural light, but fun, vibrant colors and textures makes up for missing brightness.

Family rooms with fun seating

The super-soft chairs and sofa shown above are perfect to sink into while binge-watching your favorite series.

This cozy family room with curvy seating looks—and feels—very relaxing. The ottoman does double duty, serving as a foot stool or coffee table

Family rooms with a work station

A family room should have several uses. This one features a backgammon table, a swing in front of the window, and a work desk.

A small section of this family room is dedicated to a double homework station. It faces the wall, keeping distractions to a minimum.

Mid-century modern family room decorating ideas

A cozy and earthy Mid-century modern family room features organic elements like warmly-stained wood, a wicker basket, bamboo wing chairs and vintage pendant lights.

Although this room is designed in white and light colors, all the materials are low-maintenance and easy to clean. A chalkboard is mounted behind the large sectional for messages and scribbles

Rustic modern family rooms

A large open space is the perfect setting for a family room. There’s even a bar in the corner with a vintage Coca-Cola ice chest

The centerpiece of this rustic contemporary family room is the timber pool table

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