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Interior Designers are not just Decorators – The Reality of Interior Design

Interior designers are not just decorators, though that the easy way to describe what interior designers does. Decorating is only a part of the whole process. Designers always look into the functionality and the flow of the space and then think of how to make things look pretty.

Interior design is not a simple thing. It’s not just changing color, fabric, pillows, and throwing up some paint. Of course, those are renovation, but interior designing is much more than that. In interior design the life cycle of some projects can be really long. It’s very rare that any project will take less than 4 months.

An interior designer’s job is to make spaces look good, but there’s so much more to it than most people would expect. The reality is, an interior designer try to solve the problem of space management by keeping in mind the functionality of the space. And there is some very complicated process involved in designing a space.

Taking some good time in space planning will help you plan better and easier. Analyse how a particular space is going to be used, and then make up a mockup plan of the activities that will take place in the space.

Interior design and interior decorating are often mistaken as the same thing, but the terms are not completely interchangeable. There are many similarities between the two jobs—so many, in fact, that opinions vary on exactly where to draw the distinction. There are also more than a few differences between the professions—some subtle, some significant. As you decide which kind of help you need when planning changes in your home, it will help to understand the differences between professional designers and decorators—their schooling, the credentialing, their services, and their clientele.

In the end, however, choosing the right professional depends largely on the skills of the particular professional, not the job title. A great many designers with formal schooling spend most of their time doing work that can be best described as decorating since it involves no renovation or structural work. And there are just as many professional decorators who, through long experience, are perfectly capable of working with contractors and builders in the same way as a designer.

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