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What is the future scope of civil engineering with drafting, designing and modeling softwares?

In order to pursue a bright future, We would like you to focus on few more areas, e.g. estimation, which are expected to be known to any civil engineer. Know the industry expectations from a civil engineers at this page.

Another latest and exciting career path for young generation civil engineer is BIM (Building Information Modeling) industry.

BIM design happens on MEP tools. All latest buildings are designed with BIM concept on MEP tool (example Revit-MEP). In fact it has become mandatory in Dubai and many European countries to submit construction proposal with design on BIM software. India is also moving towards it and big construction companies have already started using it.

This is a huge future for civil engineers but the awareness is very low in India. We recommend you to read “Big Career Opportunities in BIM-MEP industry for civil engineers”. It may be a game changer for a fresh civil engineers.

All the best!

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