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What are the job-oriented courses after a B.Tech in mechanical engineering?

Electric vehicle Design, Plastic design, Sheet metal design, HVAC design on MEP.

Dear friends,

There are thousands of career path available for mechanical engineers after B.Tech./B.E. If we choose a path which is going down they we will also go down with it. At the same time, if we choose a path which is going up and future is also bright then we will also grow with it. So making right choice is very important.

In current scenario of slowdown, it becomes even more important to choose the right path. Based on our exposure to global market and also connections with the industry, we recommend following job oriented professional courses:

  1. Electric vehicle - Learn from someone who is making the electric vehicles. Only theory learning is a disaster.

  2. Plastic design - It is domain level course (means application of engineers in industry specific area) which should be learnt by anyone who is working day and night in this area in one of the worlds best companies. The course to be selected should include good hands on practice on a CAD software which is most widely used in the industry.

  3. Sheet metal design - Widespread usage of sheet metal in mechanical industry calls for expertise in sheet metal design for automotive industry, aerospace industry, consumer products, electrical equipments, electronics products and so many other products. Again you should gain good design knowledge and also command good practice on industry favorite CAD software.

  4. HVAC Design on MEP - This field is related to construction industry in which mechanical engineers are becoming more and more important for HVAC design and installation, fire safety is yet another part of MEP which is becoming critical for high rise buildings. Learning HVAC design alone is not sufficient. You have to learn the MEP modeling to implement the design for coexistence with electric plumbing and other building equipment.

Detailed guidance for all high demand area listed above is available on “Bright career path for Mechanical engineers”. You must plan to spend good amount of time on this link to understand each of these areas.

Once you are clear about the kind of work and opportunities then decide your choice from any of the above suggested path. After which there is only one step to be taken, that is start the deep learning program, with industrial level work exposure and practice, and make a sound career in same.

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