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What Can I Do After Mechanical Engineering?

You can do wonders. We are serious.

World is full of mechanical engineering wonders and you should focus on creating something not only wonderful but also immensely useful for all of us and that too in least expensive manner. In short, you should focus on making something so useful that people will pay for your product. If your works get paid then you are good, else you need to improve on it.

Let us take the example of new development in the world of transportation vehicles. All of you must have heard about Electric Vehicles (EV). It is one of the revolution which has just started across the world. Just recall the developments in recent times of last 6 months. First four wheeler was launched in India for around 25 lakhs and latest one is launched for less than 10 lakhs. Similar two wheeler started from 1.4 lakhs and now, within six months, it is available in 60 thousand only. This is the fastest growth and innovation we have ever seen in any industry. In fact next 10 years will witness lots of innovation and refinement in the field of EV.

Support you want to make career in this wonderful era of EV, which has just started. Let us understand how it works

Following are few major components of an EV:

  1. Battery and BMS - It is power house of the EV. The solution will be provided by electrical engineers but the input will come from mechanical engineers, in terms of power, range, speed, etc.

  2. Controller/Driver - It will be made by electronics engineer, however again mechanical engineer will provide the input from power delivery pattern, braking system design for regenerative braking, etc.

  3. Motor - It is the main driving component which will be made by electrical engineers but again the input will be provided by mechanical engineers in terms of RPM verses Torque over different speed.

  4. Vehicle structure - New EV structural design will be entirely different from old petrol/diesel vehicles. It will totally be in the control of the mechanical engineers. New design will use the concepts of Sheet metal and Plastic designs. It can only be done by mechanical engineers.

  5. Suspension, braking system, safety, and so many other components can only be made as per EV requirements only be mechanical engineers.

Let us take a little deeper dive for making of an EV. You may choose following industrial expertise in following areas:

  1. Sheet metal design - The heavy IC engine is no more there in an EV. Means load distribution is changed, means the structural needs are modified, means you can make lighter vehicles, means the structure optimization is needed. If you decide to make career in sheet metal design then there are lots of work in on the way for the new EV to be made.

  2. Plastic design - Most of the interior parts/trims, dashboard, seats, roof lining are made by plastic. Few exterior components like bumpers and mirrors are made of plastic. Even enclosures, like tail gate are also being made of plastic now. You can make revolutionary changes in EV with help of plastic to reduce the overall weight. Explore about drone taxi being made for Dubai to get a hint of innovative direction the plastic industry is taking in this field of automotive.

  3. Overall EV - Current design only uses the power of electricity to drive an EV, Why not to utilize mechanical benefits. Can you combine these two engineering to make something unique? Think about it and come up with your ideas. Sky is the only limit for innovation.

IMPORTANT: New world of engineering is a combination of multiple engineering disciplines. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, and IT Engineers will work together to make latest solutions. We advice all mechanical engineers to start working on the solutions which involves solutions from multiple engineering. This is the right way. Immensely great future lies ahead when you work with this approach and with the mindset to create new solutions.

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