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What Is The Future Of Electric Cars?

Simple answer is “Future is bright”. It is on a similar track of IT (information technology), Mobility, and E&TC revolutions!

Similar past industrial revolutions:

  • Recall the IT revolution. If we recall the times of early 90s, it started penetrating in our lives and now we cannot live without using IT solutions.

  • Recall the mobility revolution and realize how we are engaged with mobility solution. Can we imagine to live without a mobile?

  • Similarly Electronic and telecommunication (E&TC) have penetrated well into live. It is lifeline of our day to day activities for all our communication needs. Isn’t is?

How was the path of past revolutions?

Did it above industrial revolutions happen without any challenge? When it was IT revolution, we had apprehensions, we had difficulties in relying on the IT solutions as it was failing, and the performance was an issue. Slowly it evolved, stabilized and not only got the trust of us but also we preferred to rely more and more on IT solutions. Mobility revolution was little faster than IT revolution, as it used stabilized IT solutions to quick provide better and better solutions. E&TC also made consistent progress to enhance our lives.

What is the phase of EV industry revolution?

Similar revolution (as IT, Mobility, and Communications) has started in the field of Electric Vehicles (EV). EV is not new by any means. It is in existence for years now. You must have seen golf cart, airport carts, small cleaning machines, and many such machines which moves silently and slowly while carrying limited weight. Such limitations were there due to less efficient and heavy batteries used in those vehicles. Now when the battery technology is improving and it is becoming cost effective then industry is able to provide mobility solutions for general public. Look at Europe, the UK and the USA market where there are lots of electric vehicles made available by many big automobile companies and also by many new startup and middle size companies.

How is the future projected?

There are many challenges, for example battery cost and efficiency, charging time and infrastructure, more powerful, reliable and efficient systems, etc. but these all will be addressed by our research institutions and the industry. You will soon (within 2–3 years, in my view) be looking at much cost effective, yet better, battery technologies to be made available. The technologies of EV are also going to revolutionize the way the technology of petrol/diesel engine improved with time.

Why it is bound to be successful?

Understand, industry get involved in to something which has good future prospective. If many big companies are making huge investments then it is bound to succeed. There is no doubt about it. It’s not only sentiments, there is lots of money on stake.


Therefore, we shall not bear any doubt in mind about the bright future of the EV. Next 5–15 years are very exciting for EV industry. It is field which will create lots of impact on our quality of life while generating lots of employment and business in this area.

We would encourage you to think about making your career in the field of EV. It has good potential for Electrical engineers, Mechanical engineers, E&TC engineers, Computer science engineers and more. Explore more about EV.

Happy experiencing the EV revolution!

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