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Is Interior Designing A Good Option For A Career?

Definitely yes! There are lots of opportunities and growth in this field.

Let us try to understand the role of an interior designer. It is not a job to decorate a house or office or mall or so. Interior design is much more than interior decoration. Interior decorators would play will wall colors, wall hangings, furnitures, paintings, decorative artifacts, rugs/carpets, furnishing materials, etc. But there is a big difference between interior decorator and interior designers. Below are few sample works of an interior designer:

  • Give a theme to the interior as per the choice of the client. It may be natural theme, sports theme, musical theme, retro theme, hollywood/bollywood/tollywood theme, and so on. The persons living in the room must feel happy about the theme for a long time and the theme should increase the occupants energy level simply by entering in to the interior space.

  • Create designs to suit the lifestyle of the occupants. For example, the needs of elderly people would be to provide enough hand support fixtures to live easily. Need of children room would be to avoid any sharp edge and also to provide vibrant color as per the choice of the children planned to stay in that particular room. Person specific considerations are must. One size fit all do not work.

  • Space utilization is also very important aspect. An interior designer should be highly concerned about providing maximum benefits to the occupants. At the same time, the movement of the occupants should be unrestricted and very comfortable.

  • Understanding of structural limitations of the buildings. An interior designer can change the location or design of the doors, windows, water fixtures, and other interior components. While making such changes, the interior designer should be well aware about the limitation placed by civil structures. Most important points is not to disturb any load bearing structural component like beam or column. If need arise then it should be done only after consulting civil engineer and architect of the building.

  • An interior designer should be completely aware about the latest trends, equipment, fixtures, etc. Knowing latest options will not only make your design a latest one, but would also avoid any issue which were associated with the old designs. So updated interior designers are most welcome in market.

  • Interior designers are also supposed to be financially wise. For example if your client gives a budget then you need to maximize the benefits of the client after securing your business margin. Wasting of money is not welcome by anyone. In fact if your client is asking for any idea which is not value for money then you are supposed to give the client a sincere advice and propose alternatives. It is what the clients are looking for.

  • Quality and time are two important aspects which decides the success or failure of any interior designer. If you able to maintain these two aspects well, then only success can follow you.

There are other aspects, like color combinations, vastu shashtra , cross ventilations, and so on, which are to be learnt in professional manner. As an interior designer, you should evaluate your design many time on such parameters before you share it with your clients.

There are 2, 3, and 4 years of interior design courses across the globe. We would talk more about options available in India. Most of the colleges gives two years program with theoretical knowledge, sometimes site visits are also organized. The lacking parts are working on latest tools, like 3DS Max, V-Ray, etc, which are widely used in the industry. If you do not work on industrial tools then again you are going in the same direction in which most of the college students are learning only theoretical parts, and ultimately getting rejected by the industry.

In this case, we would like to refer you to any institute/college which provides the industrial knowledge. Learn from a place where your teacher works in the industry. It makes a lot of difference. You can ask any question and your teacher will give you most practical answer suitable to the industry.

Refer to making career in interior design page in which you would get much more information, you would be able to see few latest interior design books by industrial experts, you will get to know the industry exceptions from an interior designer.

Learn from someone worked in industry, learn from experts only. Think like an entrepreneur. After learning about the interior design from an expert, start working at a good place for sometime and then setup your own business. This is the right option.

All the Best!


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