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Decorate Your Home with a Desi Touch

Indian style interior design is among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles. Due to vast difference in their culture, history and art across the country, Indian interior design has many variants. Nonetheless, here are some elements that capture the essence of this enchanting style.

Bright and varied colors are the hallmark of Indian interior design. While it’s hugely tempting to go crazy with such a vast palette, too much color can create visual chaos. Opt for earthy tones – ochre yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and floors. Yellows and pinks on the fluorescent side of the spectrum and startling blues and greens can be used for smaller elements such as pillowcases or chairs.

You can also opt for a safe, bicolor theme – using a neutral shade as a base color and bursts of a peppy primary color for accents.

Solid wood furniture is an important element in Indian interior design. For an authentic look, make the most of stunning Indian craftsmanship and choose traditional pieces with curved armrests and legs, carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory.

Get some ornate centerpieces and complement them with other more understated furniture. There’s a vast variety of distinctively Indian pieces to choose from such as wooden chests, footstools, ‘JHAROKAS’ and bird cages.

Traditional Indian cabinets are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics. Brightly painted and embellished with inlay work using mirrors, stones, ivory, or metal, they can serve as storage units too. Use them as accents alongside solid wood pieces to lighten the mood of your spaces.

Indian homes also include versatile, informal spaces that allow relaxed interaction. Create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, DIWANS and footstools.

Since India has a large and exciting variety of handicrafts, there are a ton of artifacts to choose from to decorate your home.

Our homes speak comfort not only in the feels but also in the look and style. In the earlier days, Indian homes were not designed and decorated as per themes, but only with imported decorative items or the ones available locally. All our mothers and grandmothers did to make our homes look and feel beautiful was use desi (Indian) block printed fabrics for curtains, mattresses and adorn the cabinets and shelves with beautiful decor items and utility containers.

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