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Career In Interior Designing

A professional career in Interior Design and Interior Architecture is more challenging today than ever. It combines the creative, the aesthetic, the innovative, and the practical to create the important stages upon which people live their lives. It is a rewarding career.

Interior design is an art. It is not a fine art. It cannot luxuriate in its independence as can painting and sculpture, forming itself without regard to any but aesthetic demands. It is, instead, a hard-working art, with serious and sometimes mundane problems to solve.

Interior design is also a craft. Technique and experience count a lot in this field, just as they do in the finest of fine arts. The unique identity of a home is determined by its interior construction and furniture. Changes in social and cultural life have a direct impact on people's needs and ever-changing fashion trends inevitably reflect on their tastes and requirements.

The Scope of Interior designing in today’s world is much more competitive than it was years ago, to make a career in Interior designing it’s important to have an early exposure in the industry by means of education as well as practical knowledge.

Interior design is an artful science which can enhance the aesthetics, functionality and create healthier living environments for the clients/end users. An Interior designer is equipped with an education, degree and practical experience to plan, coordinate, design and executes projects. The professional scope of an interior designer is huge in India and backed with a flair for innovative thinking and designing one can reach a pinnacle in this field. Artistic because creativity is the core of interior designing. No two designs provided by an interior designer can be the same. Every design should be unique and reflect the personality of the client. Interior designers cannot follow any particular trends as each client’s needs and tastes would be different.

An interior designer also needs to know how to read blueprints, building codes, he does the role of a project manager too. An Interior designer has to be people oriented. He should be able to work under pressure with difficult people and analyze design ideas from client meetings. He needs to be an excellent team player and work in collaboration with the contractor, carpenter and various other vendors.

Sometimes walking into a space we feel inspired, perhaps even awed, and the best places are those where we feel like we have come home. Not just to our outer homes, but to our inner homes as well. No matter what your decorating style, there’s no reason to be static with your home decor. Shake things up and get creative, and make the most of your space.


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