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Are electric vehicles viable?

Hello friends,

It is 100% viable. The most important aspect is battery cost and performance. Both of these factors are improving. Look at the Li-ion battery price trend over years.

Current level of cost and performance is good enough to provide highly reduce cost of running and gaining competitive advantage over IC engines running on petrol/diesel. As the cost goes further down and performance improves, it will be obvious choice to go for electric vehicle.

As of today, all large companies, e..g. Ola, have already collaborated with EV companies to provide vehicle custom made to their needs on contract basis. The calculation is simple, it is cheaper to operate. So business world has already started adapting it. Only hesitation is there in the mind of end consumers like general public, who will wait and watch for some time and then they will align to the EV trend.

It is happening, it is imminent, it is only going to improve further, IC engines are out of competition for sure. Read more about EV and and find the ways to align to the new industry if you are planning to make your career in same.

Happy Exploring

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