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How can I get job as mechanical engineer after graduation?

Dear Friends,

Remaining jobless is painful after graduation. We personally wish no one to go through such situation as it slowly breaks you due to family pressure, peer pressure, social pressure and leads you to depression. Its bad bad situation.

Suppose you are already in this situation then you may consider following options:

Getting jobs through GATE/JEE/UPSC/State PSC exams - These are generally first choice for most of the students. Looking at the number of vacancies fulfilled through these exams and the number of applicants. The probability to get a job is very less and risk is very high. You should evaluate your case based on your past performance at academics, as these exams are mostly theory based. If you are in top 5% then your chances are bright, else you should be realistic to spend time on this option and save yourself from wasting more time.​

Job application to companies around - In this option, students look around, either directly or through contacts, to apply for any vacancy available. Generally these are mid-or-low level companies. When you start with low level companies then growth is impacted, because you get branded with the company. So choose only good companies to start your career.

Online job application - There are many job portals, like Naukri, Indeed, etc. where you may find jobs to apply. Good quality resume is an important aspect for same. Recruiters from good companies do not spend more than 30 seconds in first round of resume scanning. It is impossible to spend good amount of time where number of applications are in thousands. So make good resume, and be mentally prepared to wait till their recruitment period starts. It’s a cycle where you would have to wait and watch.

Planned, and prepared, job applications - First of all, you should know your area of interest. It may be automotive, aerospace, robotics & automation, manufacturing, or anything else. Once you have identified your area of interest then analyze the future scope of it. Once the area of work is decided then upgrade your skill. The level of your skill should be at a level where you can start working from day 1 of joining any company.

Steps for right planning and preparation:

Step 1: Right career selection is important. Suppose you choose casting industry. It is already at risk from 3D printing solution. So we should avoid it. If you choose piping industry then you would face challenge in growth. If you select electric vehicle then definitely the future is bright. So right selection is very important. You should explore yourself and take advice only from industry persons who are successful. Don't hear to someone who himself/herself is not so successful. It’s as important as going to a reputed doctor for the treatment.

Step 2: Right learning and skill acquisition is key success factor. Suppose you finalize to make your career in Plastic domain, which is a good choice, then you should learn from someone who is working in a world class company. It will definitely help a lot. The domain (applied engineering) knowledge is most important part. Working with right approach and being efficient on right tool is a must. Let us take example, again, for Plastic domain. Most of the big companies are using CATIA in plastic industry. So you should design your plastic models on CATIA. There are more than 600 commands in CATIA however the plastic industry uses only 30 of them. So should you learn all 600 or only 30? Obviously 30, which are used in the industry. It will save your time and you would be focused on the actual need of the industry. This is the way you need to learn with an expert, to be direct fit in to the industry of your choice.

Step 3: Practice, practice and practice: There is no alternative to practice. Why Sachin tendulkar is great? just because he knows the game, or he has a good practice to perform on the ground? Only knowing the details is insufficient, you have to be master of same, and you would be asked to demonstrate that. It is called tool test through which you will have to go for getting a job. During tool test, you would be given a computer based exercise to complete in a given timeline. Someone will watch your approach for few minutes to understand your approach. Having right approach and right speed would matter a lot. You have to be master of the field.

Step 4: Representation of your skills: We would advice all of you to consider your resume as your representative to help you pass through the first quick round of candidate shortlisting by any recruiter. It should not be more than 3 pages in length. In addition to your appealing resume, you should also carry a portfolio of your works to share during your interviews. You should be proud to show your work to the interviewers, as they would feel good and understand you better and quicker. It will also boost a confidence in you to crack the interview.

Last but not the least, your engineering fundamental should be refreshed, it is mandatory. You can revise and check your level of fundamentals online here.

As a concluding note, we would recommend four prospering areas you may pursue:

  • Making of an Electric Vehicle - If you have dedication and interest then learn inside out of an Electric Vehicles. After learning about EV, you should try to make your own Electric Vehicle. It is possible. Look at the current market, where many new comers are making Electric Vehicles. Why not you? We have an approach to work to the core of industry and therefore we have decided to make our own Electric Vehicle. We have extended this attitude to our students our enthusiastic students are also given an opportunity to make an Electric Vehicle. If you want to make an electric vehicle by yourself and you are ready to work hard then connect with my team. Know more…

  • Working in Plastic industry - When new EVs are coming to the market then whole new set of new automotive designs will come. From automotive market alone there is huge opportunity coming to our way for plastic design experts. Apart from automotive industry, there are many more industries like aerospace, electronics, consumer goods and so on, where plastic is used. All these create wonderful opportunities for you. Simply do google for “Plastic jobs Naukri” and you will find lots of opportunities even in current slowdown situation. You just need to move in right direction to capture this opportunity. Know more about it. It's huge.

  • Working in Sheet Metal industry - On the same lines of plastic industry, similar situation is witnessed in Sheet metal industry. The need of new vehicle dynamics in which heavy engines will not be there, vehicles will be redesigned. Sheet metal experts are needed to make new vehicles as well as to optimize the existing vehicle designs. Apart from Automotive industry, sheet metal industry is growing in many more areas like, aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, HVAC, Civil, Electrical, and many more. Know more about it. It’s evergreen area of work.

  • Little different - Work in BIM-MEP - It is an entirely new concept in which the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical engineers work together for facilities. There are so many things to know about it that I would advice you to refer to related career guidance page in this area.

If you are already passed out then speak to your parents, seek some time (between 4 to 6 months) to start from scratch, show your dedication to them, find a suitable place to learn such latest skills and march ahead with full energy.

Don’t worry about others, as most of us think like what he would say and all that. You care for your career, allocate time to make it, and be sure to start something wonderful which will change your life.

All the Best!

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