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With the current slowdown in the manufacturing sector, is it safe to say that mechanical engineering

Dear friends,

Convert the challenges into opportunities!

It is important to understand the reason of slowdown, the direction in which the industry is going, and also the ways to safeguard yourself.

Mechanical and manufacturing Industry is undergoing a change. This change is similar to changes happened in the IT industry and the Mobile industry, few year back, for technical upgrade. Below were the changes:

IT industry shaded off around 50% job from Mainframe and EAI sector. It happened because of arrival of open IT technology which was faster, easier, and better. Complicated mainframe systems were not needed by everyone. In simple words, new technologies replaced old technologies.

Mobile technology went through tremendous growth. Remember the story of NOKIA, which was number 1 mobile company at a point of time, but it witnessed downfall due to lack of technology upgrade. Industry was changing fast and NOKIA was slow. They were left behind. Even today they are trying hard to come back in market, although they were the best.

Understand the current slowdown situation.

Mechanical industry is also undergoing a technology shift. Consider automotive sector of the industry.

  • You must have noticed the advent of Electric Vehicles.

  • You also might have notice the disturbance in market due to BS-VI norms.

  • You should also have notices the goal of India to shift to 100% Electric Vehicles by 2030.

All above reasons are indicating the technology shift in the automotive industry. Entire industry is shifting from fuel (petrol/diesel) combustion based IC engine vehicles to Electric vehicles. Look at the projections from BloombergNEF:

Buses are already plying on the roads. Order for Light commercial vehicle are already given to EV manufacturers by large companies like OLA. Passenger vehicles are already launched (Mahindra and Hyundai). Made in India Medium commercial vehicles have made their ways in UK and nearby countries, Heavy commercial vehicle companies are also working relentlessly to launch it sooner than expected. Simply said, EV is more present than future. It is already there in market. Check it out.

Understand how you can safeguard yourself:

You may select between two options:

  1. Remain associated with old technology (IC engine and related sectors)

  2. Make your career in new technology (Electric Vehicle and associated sectors).

Obvious choice would be to choose new technology. Isn’t it?

With the changing industry, I would suggest to choose from options given below.

# Making of an Electric Vehicle - If you have dedication and interest then learn inside out of an Electric Vehicles. After learning about EV, you should try to make your own Electric Vehicle. It is possible. Look at the current market, where many new comers are making Electric Vehicles. Why not you? We have an approach to work to the core of industry and therefore we have decided to make our own Electric Vehicle. We have extended this attitude to our students our enthusiastic students are also given an opportunity to make an Electric Vehicle. If you want to make an electric vehicle by yourself and you are ready to work hard then connect with my team. Know More...

# Working in Plastic industry - When new EVs are coming to the market then whole new set of new automotive designs will come. From automotive market alone there is huge opportunity coming to our way for plastic design experts. Apart from automotive industry, there are many more industries like aerospace, electronics, consumer goods and so on, where plastic is used. All these create wonderful opportunities for you. Simply do google for “Plastic jobs Naukri” and you will find lots of opportunities even in current slowdown situation. You just need to move in right direction to capture this opportunity. Know more about it. It's huge.

# Working in Sheet Metal industry - On the same lines of plastic industry, similar situation is witnessed in Sheet metal industry. The need of new vehicle dynamics in which heavy engines will not be there, vehicles will be redesigned. Sheet metal experts are needed to make new vehicles as well as to optimize the existing vehicle designs. Apart from Automotive industry, sheet metal industry is growing in many more areas like, aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, HVAC, Civil, Electrical, and many more. Know more about it. It’s evergreen area of work.

# Little different - Work in BIM-MEP - It is an entirely new concept in which the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical engineers work together for facilities. There are so many things to know about it that I would advice you to refer to related career guidance page in this area.

All above options are exciting as they are the growing industries. Lots of new things are happening. Avoid technologies which are about to disappear. Select the right path (choose from the four choices given above) and enjoy your work while leading a good life. Your decision will decide your future. Simple.

If you have any question or need any assistance then connect with us through our website .

All the Best!


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