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What are the prerequisites for a fresher electrical engineer to get into electric vehicle sector?

Dear Friends,

From an electrical engineer, we expect you to be aware of fundamentals of electrical engineering. You should be strong in following areas:

1. Battery technologies and management

2. Fundamentals of different types of motors

3. Concepts of different types of converters

4. Generation of power and charging of batteries

5. Electronic control system for electric equipments

Most of the activities to be considered during making of an electric vehicle (EV) will be smart manipulation and control of power stored in the batteries of an EV, in terms of managing current, frequency and wavelength. Off-course right kind of motor will be needed to match the expectation of users. If you think a little deeper, then you would realize how minute will be the controls and how huge will be the results.

Our initiative Azuko has decided to make its own EV and therefore we know what it takes to make a fantastic product. Look at our expectations from electrical students to prepare yourself for the industry and get back to us through our website if you have any query.

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