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Why has mechanical engineering as a career option gone down in India?

A few years back studying Mechanical Engineering is the dream of nearly every student, due to a variety of reasons. Attractive salary package, challenging work nature and vast exposure are some of the important reasons why aspirants want to do Mechanical Engineering.Mechanical engineering is a dream field but nowadays computer technology has huge demand .Many people think as compared to the IT field the mechanical field goes down because only they are not able to get a's not exactly true that mechanical engineering as a career option goes down. There is a lot of opportunity in this field to do better. Government job opportunity, industrial job, the private sector just should have that ability to make your place.There are a lot of factors to take into consideration why students not able to get a job?

First, the student because of family pressure, the sake of society , most students prefer engineering and take admission in mechanical or other engineering fields. After completing they are facing the challenges related to the job. They not aware of there interest and future career options.

Secondly , there are many engineers around you who are graduated from IIT, NIT, Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges. They are going to take your place, in spite of the factor that you are equally skillful and knowledgeable. Companies with lower profile has better options. It is better to hire a diploma holder who has some practical knowledge as well as other skills rather than hiring a graduate.

Third: Companies are looking for people that can take all the responsibility on their own, they want an employee who is not only good in-depth knowledge but also good in managing people and better utilization of resources at the same time good at communication and paperwork as well.

Not only degree is sufficient to get a job you should also have other qualities and certificates related to industrial study so u can survive. Also, the government tries to take bigger steps related to vehicles like engine changes/fuel/electric vehicles to reduce pollution. So be ready to face every challenge don't think negatively think how many opportunities are there and which u want to choose.

Also, it is a fact that India needs Colleges/Institution that narrows the gap between the industries and student. Bridging the gap between the academics and industries expectation is the way India will produce more skillful engineers.

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