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Which engineer will work on electric vehicles? Can a vehicle or automotive engineering or vehicle en

Dear Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts,

When we at Azuko decided to make our own EV, then we started and formulated our needs, which came out as given below:

  1. We need very sound electrical engineers to decide right combination of batteries, BMS, motors, converters, etc. Basically an intelligent electrical engineer was needed.

  2. We needed someone to design exterior and interior, and plan space utilization of a vehicle, basically a stylist. They provide many guidance to specialized engineers to work in their stipulated areas.

  3. We needed someone to design our vehicle structure to optimize for vehicle dynamics and also ensure safety. Basically an experienced mechanical engineer experienced in automotive industry.

  4. We needed someone to work on exterior and interior, mostly to be

  5. worked with help of sheet metal and plastics. Basically a mechanical engineer.

  6. We needed someone to make or use electronic solutions to manage batteries, current, motors, other control systems, entertainment system, and trigger safety needs when it arises. Basically an electronics engineer.

  7. We needed air conditioning experts to take care of inside climate of the vehicle. basically a mechanical engineer.

  8. We needed experts of manufacturing of so many different components made of different materials. Basically another set of mechanical engineers.

  9. We needed someone who understands the rules and regulations of the laws of the land to meet mandatory regulations as well as make a safe vehicle. Basically an automotive engineer.

The list will continue to grow if we keep on writing, as many profiles are still not listed above. We would encourage you to think to make an EV of your own. You will soon realize the complexity and would also realize that an EV cannot be made by only one type of engineer. A larger team with different types of skills are needed to make it happen.

We also encourage you to consider making your career in EV, as it is the future of transportation. Old technologies will slowly die, as it happened to steam engines. If you stay with older technology, you will be impacted by slowdown, if you join hand with new technologies, you will be in high demand. we hope you agree.

Enjoy the new technology, new world!

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