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What do mechanical engineers do to earn a high salary?

1. Mechanical Design Engineer

The primary roles and responsibilities of a Mechanical Design Engineer include researching, testing, designing, manufacturing, and developing machines, engines, and tools or devices. A Mechanical Design Engineer plays a major role in the production process because he or she takes charge of the machines used to run the project smoothly and to its optimum level.

In other aspects, a Mechanical Design Engineer can be considered a process or project manager. He or she looks after the company’s resources, including its workforce and equipment suppliers. He may also be tasked with managing company budgets as well as maintaining materials and keeping specifications of designs up to date.

If you are good at drafting parts and designing equipment layouts, then you are fit to be one of the Mechanical Design Engineers paid well.

In the US, the highest mechanical design engineer salary is $93,000.

2. Senior Mechanical Engineer

A Senior Mechanical Engineer works in close cooperation with the upper management. He collaborates with the Business Development department, the Engineering department, and the Operations, Quality Control and Manufacturing department. Depending on the company needs, a Senior Mechanical Engineer may be responsible for many aspects of project management.

The primary roles and responsibilities of a Senior Mechanical Engineer are to ensure that all regulations and procedures in the workplace, including environmental, safety and security policies, are adhered to by everyone, including himself and his direct reports. He is to be the adviser who makes recommendations when there is a need for human resources. That means he is an active participant in the recruitment and hiring of new employees.

Aside from his role in the human resources department, he is also in charge of investigating and procuring information that is needed for design and development. He is to be ready to troubleshoot when system failures or project failures are experienced in the management. He works with lots of data, gathers tons of information and can analyze and interpret new machine or system data in real-time as it’s acquired.

As a project manager, the Senior Mechanical Engineer is responsible for making sure all projects are done according to plan and within the time allotted. He will also help out as the coordinator and consultant to other team members for better design and development outcomes.

Overall, the Senior Mechanical Engineer is a project leader and coordinator between staff members and the upper management. According to the report from 2016, the Highest Senior Mechanical Engineer salary, which includes salary, bonus, and profit sharing, goes up to $133,000. Even the average, median pay rate is great so this is definitely something to look forward.

3. Senior Mechanical Process Engineer

To become a Senior Mechanical Process Engineer, you must first hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering. Some companies require 10+ years of experience while others accept less experienced engineers and will provide them adequate training and chances to develop their engineering skills.

As a Senior Mechanical Process Engineer, the chosen candidate must perform the role of a project manager for medium side projects as well as large-scale ones. A Senior Mechanical Process Engineer is to conduct business as a project engineer, too, in critical projects. He is expected to prepare and evaluate design sheets, technical specifications, 2D & 3D drawings, and even technical and financial reports. Those who are interested in this job should be able to work with various software and technology.

The Senior Mechanical Process Engineer is also tasked with overseeing project bids and supplier proposals as well as making sure field and market investigations are delivered accurately. He is responsible of managing studies and detailed reports.

The roles and responsibilities of a Senior Mechanical Process Engineer vary from one company to another, but the highest national mechanical engineer salary for such positions went up to $137,631 as of 2016 data (with full benefits).

These are my top three jobs that pay good money for Mechanical Engineers. There are other positions as well, but these three are your basic career guide to getting an idea of what companies want their engineers to be doing and what results they expect these mechanical engineers to generate.

If you are serious at getting a job in line with your Mechanical Engineering degree, you must understand how the majority of the employers act these days towards applications. .

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