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What is AutoRebar

AutoRebar is an App that provides Autodesk® AutoCAD® (and all vertical products) with an extra toolbar with specific objects for rebar detailing of reinforced concrete structures.

There are four types of dynamic objects: “Rebars”, “Marks”, “Calls” and the “BBS”.

The Rebar objects can be drawn and stretched like polylines and the bar size quickly edited with a double click; because all AutoRebar entities are graphically connected, the linked Marks and Calls update automatically.

The user can add a new Mark by selecting the Rebar to be linked, and double click it to edit data such as the bar grouping criteria, the bar spacing and the size of the range; alternatively, normal AutoCAD® dimensions can be linked to the Mark and used to specify the range of a bundle of bars in the concrete structure to let AutoRebar calculate the total quantity in that range. The great thing is, whenever you modify the concrete shape and stretch the dimension, the total number of bars updates on the fly.

The Bar Bending Schedule can be either inserted in the drawing or exported to Excel with a simple click, while the EXPLODESEL and EXPLODEALL commands can be used to explode AutoRebar objects into standard AutoCAD entities. This can be handy to deliver your drawing to clients who require the dwg files but don’t have AutoRebar installed in their computers.

AutoRebar fully implements both metric and imperial units.


  • Labeling of rectangular, skewed, circular, uniform and variable bar sets

  • Quickly fit straight and cranked lapped bars to and between existing bars

  • No cover lines or pre-selection of bar orientation required

  • Linear, Stepped and fitted to profile varying bar groups

  • Option to define bars by input of schedule dimensions

  • Pre-processors including staircase detailing generator

  • Full range of graphical bar development methods

  • Tolerances and laps are calculated automatically

  • Labeling to suit single, groups or runs of bars

  • Labeling of series of isolated bars

  • Convert lines into Bars

  • Detailing to British Standard and SABS codes.

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