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How can I work in the electric vehicle sector with electrical engineering? Which course is needed?

Electric Vehicle (EV) is a great avenue for electrical engineers, we all agree to that. The field is evolving on regular basis, earlier you join, better your career would be in long run as you would experience the transition over next few years.

So how do you start with it, as a fresher or even with some experience?

The current industry student gap: We and our team has been working on same topic (how to groom students) for some time now. There are few companies who are working on EV. When we contacted them to give exposure to new technology to students then they did not allow us by saying, it is our trade secret. We respect that but then how do we expect our students to get the exposure?

The solution we found: We decided to make our own EV. It will be under the brand of Azuko. We will make it with help of our students, along-with industry experts. Funding will be done by Azuko. If you feel, you have a zeal and can work with us at Pune then connect with us though our website (details provided in credentials).

In case you are unable to work with us for whatever reason, we advice you to cover following topics, along with practical hands on experiments in properly setup lab:

  • Basics of Electric Vehicle

  • Components of Electric Vehicle

  • Basics of Electric Motors

  • Basics of Batteries

  • Basics of converters

  • Charging of Electric Vehicles

  • Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Data communication systems in EV

  • Control systems in EV

  • High voltage and low voltage circuits

  • Vehicle traction (propulsion) and Power Train

  • Regenerative Braking

  • Thermal Issues in Batteries

  • Operations of EV

  • Applications of EV

  • Review of existing designs

  • Current EV adaption in India

  • Global EV adaption and progress

  • Simulation and Analysis of EV

  • Vehicle dynamics

  • Safety and protection

Get the full coverage at EV Page of Azuko,

We are excited about making our own EV. If you are also excited then connect with us. If our core product development team finds you suitable then you can join us for the exciting journey. We would love to have you onboard.

All the Best for new journey called EV!

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