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Which department is best for a mechanical engineer, design, production, quality, or testing?

For a Mechanical engineer, the work is based on different criteria. Particularly it changes from person to person. Moreover you have to enjoy your job. You should be satisfied in both pay and job.


For a person who is good in reading complex drawings and it needs lot of brain work Instead of physical work. If you are enjoying by designing a product in a software it is a piece of cake for you.

If you are a white collar mechanical engineer, this is for you. And you will face less number of people in you day to day work. This is good for introvert guy but you too speak out your thoughts infront of people in meetings and presentations.

Production Planning and control

Most of the manufacturing firms have this department which is coming under operations department. This is the hub of all other department, because here we have to handle all the datas in management information system and send it to corporate.

Planning, monitoring of daily production, Enterprise resource planning, inventory control and analysis the various aspects. If you are good in analysis, problem solving this is for you.

If any problem occurs in the shop floor or design or maintenance or any other department we have to handle it. You have a finger in every pie to handle more activities in the firm.


If you are good in handling all sort of people, ready to get your hand dirt and love to hear the sounds of shop floor, this is for you.

You will get more responsibility and respect from plant. If you know how to handle workers you will get good respect and output from them.

Have a nice relationship with all the department particularly from planning.


This is actually the error finding department. If you are not good in finding flaw this is not your cup of tea.

Here you have to handle auditing, flawless product findings, reduction in scrap, you have to give the datas to planning department by testing the products, satisfy and meet the customer quality standards.

Project Department

If you are interested in installation, Commissioning of machineries and having good farsight capability, ready to deal with new technology this is for you. Here you have to handle various people from various countries should have good management skills.


Maintenance guys are working all over the plant to fix mechanical and electrical machines and devices respectively. Ready to get your hand dirt all the time, partially works with project department.

Maintaining the machineries plays a lead role in an industry to produce optimal output and improvisation life of machines which makes hassle free environment in shop floor. It will give you the real experience of machine handling. Some experts in this department will say the problem in machine by hearing the sound of machine.


This is crucial department for a firm which sells and making profits to the company. So the corporate give more preference to this department.

But they have to depend all the department to satisfy the customer needs within the time. If you are good in bargaining, speaking, time managing this is for you.


If you love to travel various places, good in problem solving, root cause finding, good in fixing machines, good in various languages this is for you.

Love what you do, enjoy it, learn everyday, introspect yourself to find your skill set then choose wisely, be kind with your colleagues and teams. Excel yourself.

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