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Top and Best Mechanical Engineering CAD software


CATIA is one of the world’s leading product design CAD software created by Dassault Systems and one of the popular software among the mechanical engineering community. As a mechanical engineer, by using CATIA you can deal with parts design, assembly design, assembly drawing generation, kinematic simulation, parts positioning, mechanisms design, photo realistic images creation etc. Apart from these features it also powers up with features based design, geometrical surfaces handling, preparation for casting/forging etc. CATIA is used by leading Automotive, Aerospace based organizations in the world because of its capability. CATIA is mostly used for mechanical parts and shapes design, surface design, mechanism creation and simulation.

CATIA Features: Mechanical Design, composite design and analysis, model definition, sheet metal, fastener engineering, plastic parts design, mould design, fluid systems, electrical systems, machine and equipment design, marine and transport engineering, architecture/construction engineering etc.


UG NX is the one of best Product Life cycle Management (PLM) software created by SIEMENS used for design, simulation as machine tools solution. Its design applications includes product design, industrial/electro-mechanical design, and mechatronics design. UG NX also used for structural/thermal/flow analysis, simulation and optimization. UG NX plays a major role in CAM for machine tool control, direct numerical control, CMM programming as well as for tooling and fixture design.


SOLIDWORKS another 3D CAD software created by Dassault Systems used for product design, simulation, electrical design, Product Data Management, Concept Design etc.Its major application is in creation of parts, assembly creation, and 2D drawing creation. SOLIDWORKS also features sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mould, and die design.


CREO (Formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER) is a product design software created by PTC for 2D/3D CAD, parametric, direct modelling. It also features simulation tools for analysing the product’s performance including structural, vibration, and thermal analysis. Geometric tolerance analysis, fatigue performance analysis can be performed by using CREO.

5. Autodesk INVENTOR

INVENTOR is a mechanical design and simulation software created by Autodesk. By using INVENTOR, you can create standard product designs easily with few data inputs. It powers advanced mechanical engineering design, finite element analysis, product data management, mould design tools. Its advanced features include sheet metal design, Harness/cable, Plastic parts, Pipe/Tube, Tool Design.

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