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How do I know if Mechanical Engineering is for me ?

Students after HSC are very confused in which branch of engineering their interest lies. Some go for counselling sessions ,go with friends & parents advice etc.But don't listen to their inner voice.

According to us there are some situations which motivate a person to take up mechanical engineering especially design as per our experience with students -

  • Looking at machines and spend a lot of time wondering how they work and how they would have been designed.

  • Fascinated by the marvels of engineering – Cars, Planes, Ships.

  • Love to think analytically most of the time, asking questions like; Why this? Why that?

  • Liking for dismantling stuffs and putting it back together again.

  • Having an urge to solve problems for rural locations and basically make life better, easier for the people you care.

  • Having an ambition of being an inventor.

  • Prefer practical aspects compared to abstract concepts of anything you are working with.

If you really like all these things, it's truly worth it. It will be an amazing experience especially if you do mechanical engineering from a good college with good technical teams and professors involved in good research work. You'll get to learn so much, build so many things That'll give you immense joy. But if you don't see yourself doing all this, don't take it :)

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