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How do I find the best CAD training institute that provides domain training and placements in Pune?

We are happy to see the awareness about DOMAINS.

While we assume the friend, who posted this question, to be aware about the importance of DOMAIN learning, it would help others to know it as well.

To be on the same page, let us understand:

  • “CAD = TOOL”, and


Common CAD tools are used across all domains, but in different ways.

For example: AutoCAD is a popular 2D drafting CAD tools which is used in different domains like “PLASTIC”, “SHEET METAL”, “HVAC”, “CASTING”, “PIPING”, and so on. While the tool (AutoCAD) remains same, the output will be different for different domains. PLASTIC domain output will contain MASTER SECTION, while SHEET METAL domain output will have FLAT PATTERN. While the CASTING will have PARTING LINES, the HVAC will have DIFFUSER LAYOUT. When you learn AutoCAD then you learn how to use geometry and text to create the desired output, but when you learn DOMAIN then you learn how to design engineering solutions to create engineering specific output like MASTER SECTION, PLAT PATTERN, PARTING LINES, or DIFFUSER LAYOUT.

Selecting right DOMAIN is also very important. Take advice from someone who is successful in industry, no mediocre profile person can be a good advisor, else she/he would have been in upper band of the professionals. We will give you few example of wrong DOMAIN selection and then provide our suggestion based on current industrial situation, growth trajectory and future prospects.

  1. If you select PIPING DOMAIN (for Oil & Gas, Food processing, etc.) then you would encounter a significant slow growth We able to say so based on the salary range of mid-level engineers after working for 5–8 years.

  2. If you select CASTING DOMAIN then the future is challenged by inventions and growth of 3D printing technology, which has a potential to remove entire tool design and manufacturing section from the casting process.

  3. If you select CNC PROGRAMMING then you will soon be outdated due to advanced simulation features of CAM software, which generates CNC program for you. It saves time, materials, and money. So better to go through advanced technology route.

Suggested DOMAINS for mechanical engineers:

  1. PLASTIC DOMAIN: Due to light weight, easy manufacturability, easy maintenance, and other such exclusive features of plastic, it is hugely used product options used in automobile, aerospace, consumer products, or wherever you look around. Look at PLASTIC DOMAIN DETAILS to more about it.

  2. SHEET METAL DOMAIN: Due to ready made wide variety of sheet metals, low weight to volume ratio, higher strength and malleability, easy manufacturability, easy maintenance, and other such exclusive features of sheet metal, it is hugely used product option being used again in automobile, aerospace, consumer products, or wherever you look around. Look at SHEET METAL DOMAIN DETAILS to more about it.

Suggested DOMAINS for Electrical engineers:

  • Wire Harnessing and Routing: Again look around and try to find the equipment's which do not posses any electrical wiring. It is rare in today's world to create any solution which do not contain any wiring. Even highly mechanical engines do not remain only a mechanical solution, it has electrical and electronics components used to control the machine to maximize the efficiency and safety. Take electronic equipment, take aerospace, washing machines, fridge, TV, or any equipment for that matter, you will have to make provisioning for wiring and its routing. Find more details for ROUTING.

Huge demand DOMAIN learning for all Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineers:

  • BIM-MEP: It is a niche DOMAIN expertise which is huge in demand. It is single solution in which all engineers (Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical engineers) work together to create a collaborative solution to combine HVAC, Structure, Electrification, Piping, Plumbing, and Fire fighting solution to provide fast track high quality facilities. There are so many things to share about it that we would like to refer BIM-MEP detail page to all the readers to explore their area of interest and plan their career in this huge demand futuristic field.


Look out for these options, match with your area of interest and take your decision to move forward. In case you need more assistance, contact us through our web page, details of which is available in our profile.