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What is AutoCAD in Mechanical Engineering

Autocad- mechanical


  • The Word AutoCAD is made up of two words “Auto (logo of company)”and Cad” (computer aided design & drafting)”.

  • AutoCAD was founded by JOHN WALKER and twelve other co- founder in 1982.

  • AutoCAD is 2d & 3d modeling software.

  • It is developed by Autodesk Company.

  • It is widely used in industry for 2d drawing & 3d modeling.

Version of AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD comes in India in 1988.

  • The first version of AutoCAD was R1 after that R2, R3, and R4…..and so on.

  • In 2000, Autodesk launched version of AutoCAD 2000 after that 2001, 2002… and so on.

  • This time, we have the latest version of AutoCAD is 2020, which is launched on 21st march 2016.

  • Latest version is easy to use and overcome the difficulties of old version.


  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7.Windows XP.

  • Minimum Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor.

  • 2 GB of RAM (3GB Recommended) for 32-bit.

  • 4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended) for 64-bit.

  • 6 GB of free space for installation.

  • Windows display adapter capable of 1024x768 with True Color capabilities.


  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

  • ANSI: American National Standards Institute.

  • ISO: International Standard Organization.


  • Drafting & Annotation

  • 3D Basics

  • 3D Modeling


  • Draw Toolbar

  • Modify Toolbar

  • Dimension Toolbar

  • Layer

  • Multi leader

Reason to Use AutoCAD

  • To communicate design ideas

  • To refine design ideas

  • Combined with analysis tools like FEA, to test designs

  • To facilitate manufacturing

In the most abstract sense, it is communication. When engineers are working on a huge project, like an automobile, they are all responsible for different things. How do they know their things will fit together properly? Rather than asking every single person, they change and check the CAD model, which also contains the CAD models of the other engineers.

It is also incredibly important for manufacturing. Nowadays nothing can be manufactured without a CAD model since nearly all large-scale manufacturing systems are based on CAD models. Want to cut a shape out of metal? The waterjet or CNC mill will take a CAD model. Want to injection-mold a part? The mold is created based on the CAD model. Want to 3D print a toothbrush? The printer uses a CAD model. It’s inescapable.

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