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Do you know about CFD ?

CFD is the simulation of fluids engineering systems using modeling (mathematical physical problem formulation) and numerical methods (discretization methods, solvers, numerical parameters, and grid generations, etc.).

  • Historically there was only Analytical Fluid Dynamics (AFD) and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (EFD).

  • CFD made possible by the advent of digital computer and advancing with improvements of computer resources.

Why Use CFD ?

(A) Analysis and Design

1. Simulation-based design instead of “build & test”

  • More cost effective and more rapid than EFD

  • CFD provides high-fidelity database for diagnosing flow field

2. Simulation of physical fluid phenomena that are difficult for experiments

  • Full scale simulations (e.g., ships and airplanes)

  • Environmental effects (wind, weather, etc.)

  • Hazards (e.g., explosions, radiation, pollution)

  • Physics (e.g., planetary boundary layer, stellar evolution)

(B) Knowledge and exploration of flow physics

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