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Does mechanical engineering have a prominent future?

Hello All,

Apart from discouraging gender ratio in classroom (only a mechie can understand), Mechanical engineering is always an outshining branch. Look at the GDP percentage from manufacturing (it is at second position in India after Agriculture, more than double of construction), look at employment percentage, it is higher than many industries including civil. and therefore it will always remain a prominent industry.

Now look at it from another angle. Can you imagine any industry working without help of Mechanical industry? Take civil industry for example. Can it construct any structure without using mechanical equipment's? Obviously it is not possible. Rather than taking this point as boasting point for mechanical engineering, look at it from different angle. Whenever a civil engineering project or work is undertaking, there is work/job created for mechanical engineers. Whenever any chemical factory is built, mechanical engineers are required. Defence services, mechies are needed there, Aerospace, mainly mechies game, Agriculture, mechies do contribute, and list continues for almost every industry. Right?

Now let’s try to look at future prospects.

We all know, there WAS a slowdown in mechanical industry and other industries. There is a reason why we highlight the letter WAS. Look at latest financial report of India. It is known that India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Right? take a deeper look and you will find the faster growing sector to be “Manufacturing”. What does it mean? It means, the much awaited boom in mechanical industry has started. Figures prove that. Make in India is working for us. It means, boom is centred in India. Isn’t it great?

Smart young generation has already taken a note of it. This is the reason, the highest number of start-up in India is around mechanical industry, which earlier used to be around IT. So innovation is getting associated with mechanical industry.We are sure by now you are convinced about the bright future for mechanical industry.

So how can you take full advantage of the just arrived boom?

If you are already a mechanical engineering student, or planing to join, then you must travel in same time zone as industry is travelling. Most of the educational institutes are running well behind schedule and imparting outdated knowledge to its students. We cannot fix this well known issue . Instead we can make our own learning path to bring ourselves at a level matching with industry. Consider the knowledge given by colleges to be sufficient for fundamentals learning. To reach the desired knowledge and skills level, you will need to understand how industry works, what are generic steps taken in the industry, what are the tools and technologies being used, and then plan to have good hands on experience of latest tools and technologies.

How do you plan your career?

Honestly, this is a large topic. In addition to industrial trends, we should also analyse the past performances and personal interest of a student to chart our a right career plan suitable to a particular candidate. If we consider only industry need then we would be able to understand and chart out a career plan for mechanical engineers which is suitable in today’s industrial footprint. Look at our mechanical engineering page to understand what exactly is needed by industry, what are the areas of works in which you can make your career, what are the tools you need to master and what are the contents of the learning one should undergo. The purpose of this page it to provide all needed information to students at single place for proper planning. You may also visit our consulting page to see the kind of output industry is expecting from you.

We wish all the best to all of you who are willing to, or already are students of mechanical engineering.

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