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I've wasted One year after my in search of job, getting depressed.Now I'm Confused wh

Do gate preparation/cad,cam/IT/BPO ?

Dear Friends,

This situation is painful. It hurts you and everyone around. Even it hurts country and economy. Its all loose loose situation for everyone.

Sincerely we say, don't look back, you can't change anything in past. Look forward and work on your future.

In this situation, you have two options:

  1. Learn any widely used skills and quickly get a job, however low paying it may be. It will revive your confidence. You can learn AutoCAD (in professional manner) and get a job for drafting etc. But you can't afford to stop here, else you will be jobless soon as your experience and skill would not match. So you need to have larger plan to supplement you to make you stronger in long run.

  2. Take you time to fix your issues, be in good hands to guide you properly and walk along your journey. Here not only you would have to spend time and effort on yourself but you also have to set expectations to your family, friends and peers saying that you are working on something which will take time and you would get a better job, say after 4 months or 6 months.

I would say both the options are valid, depending on your situation and inclinations, but whatever you decide to follow, make sure you address the issue of holding good fundamentals, efficiently knowing latest technologies and skills and have good grip of any particular engineering segment. We call is domain learning. You can find a detailed suggestion and analysis on our website, details of which are available in our profile.

Remember, having sound fundamental/basics is bare minimum requirement for which we have given free material and free evaluation option on our website. Take advantage of same.

You must visit the Azuko website and spend some time to know about your industry. Most of the questions would be answered on website itself but if any question remains unanswered then connect with us through our Azuko website. We will answer as soon as my time will permit me.

Remember, you can do well, with very little support and guidance. Your success lies within you, just bring it out.

All the Best!

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