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How can I get a job after completing a diploma in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering. When it comes to job opportunities and career prospects, it is an evergreen branch!

Mechanical Engineering deals with design, production, installation, operation and maintenance of machine systems. Industries and units that need machine systems for functioning thus need mechanical engineers to take care of the above mentioned tasks. Especially sectors related to manufacturing, automobile, aerospace and energy are well known to recruit mechanical engineers.

Since concepts of mechanical engineering extend along to other branches of engineering (such as electrical, civil and metallurgy engineering), mechanical engineers will be able to find a job in areas related to those fields also, like- construction sector, power transmission and production etc.

In short, diverse job opportunities are available in front of Diploma holders. Government and private sector offers many job opportunities to mechanical engineers.

Talking about Government sector, well known recruiters include- BHEL, ONGC, PWD, Indian Railways, Indian Armed Forces, SAIL, Municipal Corporations, State Road Transportation Boards, Metro Rail Corporations, HSCL, RINL, HAL, GAIL, Coal India Limited etc.

When it comes to Private sector, some of the well-known recruiters include- Automobile Companies (TATA, Maruti Suzuki, and Mahindra & Mahindra etc.), L&T, JBM Auto, TATA Steel, Reliance group, Kirloskar etc.

Job profiles available (depending on specialization) include-

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Production Engineer

  • Maintenance Engineer

  • Automobile Engineer

  • Process Control Engineer

  • Quality Control Engineer

  • CADD Specialist

  • Piping Engineer

  • Aeronautical Engineer

  • Contractor


Starting salary depends on a number of different factors. Prominent factors are- profile of the employer, employee skills, aptitude and grades attained by the employee. General starting salary is around 20-30k Rupees per month. In case of Government job, salary will be based on Pay Band and scale.

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