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After completing mechanical engineering , what should we do next for jobs?

Dear Friends,

There are many options for mechanical engineers and probably that becomes confusing to most of us. And there is a way to come out of it, that is, follow your interest. Whatever may be your area of interest, you will get lots of opportunities in that.

Let us say, your area of interest is Designing. In this case, we advice to learn the most wanted skills which are required to in most of the cases, means you can apply to maximum job opportunities. These are technical skills of modern time, and are to be performed with the help of a computer.

Functionally area of work is divided into following parts:

  1. Drafting - Learn AutoCAD

  2. Modeling - Learn CATIA and NX (there are many other options but these are in demand in today's world)

  3. CAM or CAE - Choose one of them, as you would work in only one area:

  • CAM - It is used for manufacturing. If you are willing to go for manufacturing then learn it.

  • CAE - It is computerized testing of models created in step 2. Here I would suggest you to learn Hypermesh (for pre processing) and Ansys (Strctural part is safest bet)

Above path is generic and can be used by most of the graduating students.

If you want something more appealing, special to get high paying job and faster growth then you should plan for Domain specific learning, as listed below:

  1. Plastic industry - ( highest paying )

  2. Sheet Metal industry - (highest number of jobs )

Remember these domain courses are larger and deeper courses which results in better job profile and growth.

For more details on these courses. We would recommend you to visit our website . There you can:

  1. Revise your fundamentals (which is minimum knowledge expected from an engineer)

  2. Test you level in fundamentals. There is a free online test option, which gives results instantly (thanks to technology)

  3. Understand the recommendations in detail.

  4. Look at details of domain courses listed above

In summary, below are the options in order of priority:

  1. Plastic industry domain training

  2. Sheet metal domain training

  3. AutoCAD + CATIA + NX + Hypermesh/CAM

Hope we are able to simplify the options and clarify doubts which every student faces. If any one has any query then drop a message to us through our website.

Cheers and all the best!


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