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Every Mechanical Engineer should know Sheet Metal !!!!!!!!


In layman's language Sheet metal is s metal which has been made into thin sheets.

In mechanical engineer's language , Sheet metal is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces.It is available in different shapes like flat sheets, rolled sheet, corrugated sheets.

Facts about Sheet metal

  1. Uniform Thickness: Thickness between 0.154mm and 6.35mm

  2. Sheet metals are made from “SLABS”. Slab is a length of rectangular cross section.

  3. Width of sheet metal: 3 feel (36 inch) and 4 feet (48 inch).

  4. Strong and durable: Used in agriculture, crop bins, metal scaffolding for construction, industrial high temperature washing machines, ovens, wheel rims, disc brakes etc.

  5. Malleable, provides more design options.

We can make anything from sheet metal , can be in any shape also can be cut , blend and stretched.

  1. Can be repaired easily

It is easy to repair and replace due to ease of design and manufacture.

  1. Relatively low cost , fast manufacturing and short turn around time.

  2. Manufacturing processes in sheet metal are Cutting , Forming and Joining.

Application Areas of Sheet Metal

  • Automobile Industry

Imagine all those parts where sheet metals are used, like, BIW, external body, fans blades, enclosures, fuel tank, radiator casing, disc brakes, etc.

  • Goods carrier, trucks, JCBs, earth moving vehicles, petrol pumps, industrial shades, roof covers, temporary partitions, containers, boxes, and so many such objects around use sheet metal.

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Railroad industry

  • Consumer goods industry

  • Agriculture

You would have countless items which are made from sheet metal . These are only few of them.

Isn't it interesting and curious to know more . Stay with us till our next article on Sheet Metal.

Keep learning with us.........................

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