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Planning to Construct your dream house- Here is the smart way to Build your House

Contour Crafting

Everyone wants to construct their houses in fast and efficient manner. Gone are the days when it took years to build houses.

Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute.has researched a technique that build houses at fast speed with less money. This is Contour Crafting.

What is Contour Crafting

Contour Crafting is a 3D printing method that allows to build constructions that uses a computer-controlled crane or gantry to build edifices rapidly and efficiently with substantially less manual labor.

Using a quick-setting, concrete-like material, contour crafting forms the house's walls layer by layer until topped off by floors and ceilings set in place by the crane. The notional concept calls for the insertion of structural components, plumbing, wiring, utilities, and even consumer devices like audiovisual systems as the layers are built.

Benefits of using Contour Crafting- A technology with lots of benefits..

  • It print buildings or any infrastructures directly on place.

  • It can become a common method to help in building constructions for people in need, like houses, or buildings. But these machines are capable of printing any urban settings or any infrastructures, such as bridges.

  • As it is printing projects in one part, it is allowing to create more complex designs, not doable with traditional construction techniques. Architects could be free to create all the designs they want thanks to this technology.

  • It is a really fast and efficient technique to create houses. For example, it appears to be a good method to print emergency homes after natural disasters. You can get a 3D printed house directly on the construction site, in only a few hours and at a lower cost.

  • It offers the possibility to build different kind of project really efficiently. with less manual labor needed to print a full building, as the process is automated.

  • Contour crafting appears to be a cost-effective technique to build architectural constructions.

A revolution in the construction sector

  • Build houses in 1 day

3D Printing large-scale infrastructures is a revolution for the construction sector. For example, it is now possible to build homes in only 24h, which could be a great help to victims of natural disasters.

This experiment has been led by a Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering. They built ten houses in only 24 hours. They actually 3D printed ten houses in 24h. This is a proof that 3D printing is unbeatable when it comes to efficiency and rapidity.

  • 3D printed buildings

This 3D printing process is allowing to build project bigger than a house. The Contour crafting technology offers the possibility to create buildings.

Example: Below is the image of hotel constructed using 3D Printer technology.and this is also the proof that a lot of different places and building are printable, from hotels to workspaces. It is allowing us to rethink totally the designs of these places and create original creations.

  • 3D printed bridges

Contour crafting is not only a great solution for housing projects, but also these new 3D machines print a lot of different architectural infrastructure.
Have you ever heard about 3D printed bridges?
For the moment, it is more convenient to print pedestrian bridges instead of bridges for big roads and heavy automobiles. It is a great way to design new kind of bridges, but also to quite convenient as this technology enables to print these infrastructures in only one part. Don't you think it saves a lot lot time in making bridges also reducing casualty number.

  • Space applications of Contour crafting

Contour crafting is a great solution to print in remote area, almost inaccessible or where it would be too expensive to send these large-scale infrastructures in space.

This printing technique could be used to create infrastructure on Mars or on the moon in the upcoming years, using materials found on place. This automated construction process could be the solution to create an entire base in these areas!!! Isn't it exciting . We can build houses on planets and can spend our vacation live .. Wow

  • Contour crafting, an eco-friendly alternative

This contour crafting technology is an eco-friendly alternative on different levels such as :

  1. The 3D printing materials that are used to build homes or other infrastructures are materials with a low ecological footprint, such as sand, and these construction 3D printer are more and more using the solar energy to function.

  2. There is no material waste. Indeed you only use the amount of material that you need for your project. Less wastage Sounds Great...

Contour Crafting- FUTURE

The future of this cutting-edge technology is really promising and could help a lot of people especially in natural disasters.

Additive manufacturing can be used in various sectors, and the construction sector is one of them. Deployable robotic is, without a doubt, the future of architecture.

contour crafting machine

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