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Imagine a world without civil engineers !!!!

Imagine what our life would be without engineers? Would it be livable ??

Without civil engineering, there would be neither cities nor landscapes to view. We would have never enjoyed viewing tallest skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower in China, the World Trade Center and Empire State building in New York, the Dream Dubai Marina .These tallest buildings have been constructed and engineered to fulfill a purpose over the years.

Any structure more modern than a simple hut would be impossible to build. Infrastructure would not exist as there would be no roads, or vehicles to travel on them. Without engineering we simply would be walking along foot paths .

World without dams, cannels , bridges ??

If there were no hydraulic engineers, then we have not been able to channelise water for human use with the design and construction of dams, canals and bridges. With the application of fluid mechanics principles, hydraulic civil engineers plan and execute the proper collection, storage, control, transportation, regulation, measurement and usage of water.

Think sewage system does not exist?

Life is not imaginable when you don't receive water in the taps, electricity at home, a proper sewage system in your residential community. Interestingly, it was Industrial Revolution hat gave birth to modern Municipal Engineering. It was in the 19th Century in UK where large industrial waste brought about the fatal threat of cholera that led to the planning, design and construction of the first Sewage System.

Imagine not able to purchase cloth brands , order books , gadgets that are available only overseas and cannot be delivered to your doorstep....

The world cannot be imagined without roads and railways. We don't give a second thought to it. Due to civil engineers there is construction and management of facilities for any mode of transportation

They ensure that it is safe, fast, economical, convenient, comfortable and environmentally compatible. This skill is divided across aerospace, roads and highway; pipelines, waterways, port, coastal and ocean.

Bob The Builder

Any risk to humans from natural hazards...

Civil engineers study and analyse the behaviour of earth materials. A geotechnical engineer applies the principles of soil and rock mechanics in mining, petroleum and military related and other such constructions on the surface or within the ground to assess the risk to humans, property and the environment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, debris flows and rockfalls. By the virtue of their job, geotechnical engineers are responsible for the safety of large populations.

life without civil engineers

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