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Application of Lasers in Highway Engineering

In this Era of technology, Lasers have a very vast application in Highway Engineering.

These techniques have eased Human work by making it simple and easy to use. If compared to older techniques that were cumbersome, these have higher accuracy since everything is automated and quicker in obtaining results since its computed by a computer and need very less human power.

Applications of Lasers in Highway Engineering
  • Road Profiling

  • Pavement Surface Deflections

  • Bridge Deflection

  • Speed Checkers

Advantages of Using Lasers in Highway Engineering

  • Laser based system can measure road profile and deflection accurately while travelling at normal speed.

  • It results in rapid measurement and quick data collection.

  • Multiple locations can be measured from single instrument position.

  • It doesn’t require any set up or break down.

  • This can be fitted on any vehicle required by the user.

  • It can operate at speed at speed of 105km/h.

  • It collects data in real-time as it traverses the pavement’s surface.

  • It eliminates the need for lane closures or traffic control while testing.

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