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Would you dare to take Elevator Ride to the top of the mountain ?

Bailong Elevator

Bailong Elevator is the only elevator in the world which can take you up to the cliff. It is the highest and heaviest elevator.

It is located inside Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.

Bailong Elevator is very magnificent. The total height of it is 335 meters (1099 feet), of which the running height is 326 meters (1069 feet). 154 meters (505 feet) of the total height is in the mountain wells and the rest of 172 meters (564 feet) was composed of steel derrick and other components.

Bailong Elevator

The Elevator includes three exposure sightseeing elevators running parallelly. Each elevator can take 50 passengers every time and the speed is 3 m / s (the speed has been accelerated to 5m/s since 2013). If the three elevators run simultaneously, the amount of one-way passengers will reach 4,000 per hour.

The main equipment of Bailong Elevator was designed and produced by Rangger Elevator Company from German, costing 180 million yuan. The elevator was listed into the Guinness World Records, because it is honored as “the highest, the fastest, largest-loaded outdoor elevator in the world".

Lift shafts and tunnels were hewn from the quartz sandstone column, which was chosen specifically from thousands in the area. The lift cars are even fitted with earthquake detectors to allow them to be evacuated quickly in case of trouble.

It provides a convenient transportation for tourists’ sightseeing, but also saves time for supplying materials of scenic spots as well as maximizing the protection of the local natural environment and ecological balance.

View from the Cabin of Bailong Elevator

Image Source: Kazuhito Kidachi via Flickr

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