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Novel Piece of Architecture- Cau Vang

Golden bridge

The Golden Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Vàng) is a 150-metre (490 ft) long pedestrian bridge in the Bà Nà Hills resort, near Da Nang, Vietnam.

It is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens (avoiding a steep incline) and to provide a scenic overlook and tourist attraction. The bridge loops nearly back around to itself, and has two giant stone hands designed to appear to support the structure.

The client for the project was the Sun Group. The bridge was designed by TA Landscape Architecture based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company's founder, Vu Viet Anh, was the principal designer. The bridge opened in June 2018.

The Golden Bridge is an important part of the upgraded line between the cable car station and Tiantai Garden. Before the Golden Bridge was built, traffic between two bridgeheads was difficult due to high deviation. Therefore, a bridged connection for convenient travel is extremely necessary.

The Golden Bridge is an important part of the newly upgraded route from the cable car station to the gardens. Before construction, moving between the two locations demanded shifting due to significant height difference between the two spots. Accordingly, a demand for a connector for better circulation is essential.


The concept of the bridge was not only derived from its shape but from its story as well. As an expanded part of the Avatar, the bridge continues to exhibit its existing theme that focuses on the myth of Gods, human and nature. For the general concept of being superior to humans, "gods" are usually illustrated as supernatural large-scale human-like beings. For the reason, extensive body parts, and a huge pair of hands in this case, were handled in such a unique design, often sparked by curiosity from visitors as well as astonishing them. The remarkable appearance of two huge grips looks like they drew the bridge out of the ground and adore it as it was a gift from nature. In addition, local mountainous foggy and hazy weather will promote the aesthetics design as well.


The most important thing when implementing the design is how to build bridges without damaging and affecting the cliffs below. Despite the complex structure, but with the use of specialized software and experience of the team in the design of assembly techniques can limit the construction on site and ensure the aesthetics of the bridge. The pillars of the Golden Bridge have a painted exterior in harmony with the forest, adding to the feeling of walking in the air. The hands are supported by steel frame and fiberglass with hand-like structure and painted according to the design theme. The position of each finger is designed and modified many times to get the best shape.

Source: TA Corporation wikipedia

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