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The Crown of South Indian Railway- The Engineering Marvel

Source: civildigital

Imagine a railway bridge over the sea which 'opens up' to allow ferry and boat movement! This is Pamban Bridge !!

And, what makes this bridge even more wonderful is the fact that it was built 100 years ago! Till 1988, the Pamban bridge was the only surface transport that connected Tamil Nadu's island of Rameswaram to the mainland. Said to be an engineering marvel, the Pamban bridge was once India's longest sea bridge, till the Bandra-Worli sea link came up in 2009.

The Pamban Railway Bridge is the longest and oldest railway bridge in India. It is 6776 feet (2,065 m) long and consists of 145 spans. Though the bridge was constructed at a time when technology was not advanced, it stands out as a fine example of construction.

The Pamban Railway Bridge on the Palk straight links Pamban Island to the mainland India. Construction of Pamban Viaduct started in June, 1911 and completed in June, 1913, the Scherzer span started in July, 1913 and completed in Dec.’1913.

Source: Civildigital

Structural Arrangement

The bridge consist of 143 piers, out of 145 spans 143 of 40 feet span, one 43 feet span and another one was 44 feet span. 113 spans are on the West side of Pamban channel and 32 spans on the East side. East side is spanned with two leaf Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge. This bridge longest span which is 289 feet (88m ) long.

  • Total length of the bridge is 2.057 km.

  • It has 145 spans of 12.20m steel girder and one Scherzer navigational rolling lift Span 225 m

  • It has completed 100 years of life and is still in service.

  • The approximate estimated cost of construction is 537.57 lakh rupees.

  • 600 workers were involved in the construction of this bridge.

  • 4,000 tons of cement was used for construction.

Opening of bridge

Source : financial express

The bridge was designed by Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company of Chicago. The bridge was constructed by Head, Wringtson & co, Ltd of Thornaby-on-tees. The Pamban railway bridge is considered an engineering marvel and it was built within two years.


Source: civildigital


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