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Vastu Shastra Elements

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu System of architecture that origins around 6000 BC.

Vastu Shastra is based on scientific facts . It considers Sunrays, gravitational force, magnetic power, geographical condition, the five elements, and directions which is very essential to construct a house.

The residential and commercial spaces constructed nowadays rely on the basics of the five Elements in all aspects of planning, construction and doing the interiors.

Vastu Shastra in the modern age is not completely different from the one that was used in the ancient era but the way is different and the approach is different but altogether modern day Vastu Shastra used in today's architectural construction is derived from the Vedic sutras.

Purpose behind the Application of Principles of Vastushastra

Evade destructive forces of nature and to blend constructive forces to enable inmates of a building lead a happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

If some defects have crept in construction of a house, because of ignorance or otherwise, they may be rectified with due prudence with the help of its principles. These remedies would certainly make life better.

Buying a property can be one of the most significant decisions of your life. Whether you buy a home or a business location, it is important for you to know vibrations of the house you are buying. Focus on the properties, the ones that will bring you tranquility, beneficial energy, abundance, and good prosperity.

Most people prefer to buy a home that has been designed as per vastu.

Hence many builders try to implement at least basic principals in their layout during construction of house.

Components of Vastu in Building

Shape of Plots-

Rectangular Plot ,Square Plot, Bar-Shaped ,Plot Wheel-Shaped Plot etc.

Directions in Vastu are

Eesanya North East(water)

Vayuvya – North West(air)

Agneya – South East(fire)

Nyruthi– South West(earth)

It is believed that the direction of a building, according to Vastu is planned on the basis of the rotational setting of the planets and those buildings that are not planned keeping in mind the orientation and not constructed with suitable building materials as proposed by Vastu see their decline to ruins much faster than those built otherwise.

If any building or structure is constructed pertaining to the principles of Vastu, the people are sure to live a happy, peaceful and healthy life


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