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Soon Roads Be Greener , Stronger & Maintenance Free !!!

The Plastic Road is a road based on recycled plastic. It is prefabricated and features a hollow space that can be used for various purposes which includes water storage, transit of cables and pipes, heating roads, generating energy etc. The PlasticRoad elements allow for circular reuse.


Idea behind Plastic Road

There are lot of problems faced by municipalities , regional water authorities and contractors to deal with such as

plastic waste, extreme precipitation, consolidation of the subsoil, an increasing need for mobility, a crowded subsurface ,increasingly stringent requirements for future roads etc.

Asphalt is a product used to build roads. However in today's era there is a demand of more functionality from roads. That raises the question of whether our traditional asphalt is still the answer to these increasingly stringent requirements.

Roads should have an increasingly longer lifespan, shorter construction and maintenance time, be more sustainable, achieve ever-higher noise reductions and also be financially competitive. What does it take to fulfill these requirements? These Questions and Conditions Inspired the Idea of PlasticRoad...........

PlasticRoad more Sustainable than Conventional Road Structure

Plastic waste is a worldwide problem faced by us. An estimate of eight billion kilograms of plastic ends up in our oceans and a great quantity of plastic is still incinerated today. In short, there is more than enough plastic for the construction of PlasticRoads.


Plastic road is more sustainable than conventional road structure because it is a 100% circular product that is made from recycled plastic. It has a significantly smaller CO2 emissions than traditional road structures due to the longer lifespan and the reduction of transport movements involved in its construction.


Companies Behind PlasticRoad concept

  • KWS a Royal VolkerWessels company : Market leader in road construction and the production of asphalt in the Netherlands.

  • Wavin : European market leader in the field of plastic pipe systems and has a large market segment and product range within the field of sustainable rainwater management.

  • Total: Global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company and the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower.

Customers of PlasticRoad

The municipality of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel (NL)

1st PlasticRoad on 11 Sept 2018 in Zwolle , Overijssel

The first PlasticRoad was launched in the world on September 11th 2018. It is a bike path of 30 meters in Zwolle (NL).

Inventors of the PlasticRoad

Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma – together with Member of the Provincial Executive of Overijssel, Bert Boerman and Alderman William Dogger of the municipality of Zwolle,

Currently , the companies are preparing for the second bike path pilot in Giethoorn (NL). This pilot is expected to be opened in November 2018.


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