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The Electric Car is here- Self Driving Luxury Lounge

Renault has revealed its most recent innovation at the 2018 Paris engine show . It is a concept , but won't be available to buy.

Its most recent idea, the Ez-Ultimo, is an electric, associated and self-ruling vehicle that is intended to pass on travelers in

supreme protection. This mode of transport is known as a “top notch mobility experience” — a first-class way of accommodation up to three occupants with no space for driver.

The electric vehicle is 5.8m-long and just 1.35m high. In a cabin trimmed with wood, marble and leather, passengers occupy large armchairs or a deep bench-style rear seat.

Beyond the futuristic design and luxury interior fitout, the Ez-Ultimo has numerous retro features, such as rotating knobs similar to those found on amplifiers to control the lighting and audio.

The company expects the EZ-Ultimo to provide a premium travel experience which can be made available for hire on a per trip, hour or day basis, much like a ride hailing service.The Ultimo is aimed at hotels, resorts or airline companies which might extend their services further to a more personal level.

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