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What are the best answers for "Why should I hire you"?

Dear All,

Frankly speaking , the question itself has the answer if you know the job description of the position for which the interview is conducted. For example, if the position is for safety engineering then obviously the employer is looking out for relevant skills, exposure, experience, knowledge, interest, and focus in the area of safety. At the same time, the employer will also like to have a correlation between the job role and your past experience or studies.

Job Interview

What does it mean to you for preparation prior to attending the interview?

As a first step, you need to be aware about the job description. Read it at least thrice, if it is available. If not available then do some research on the functions which the companies perform in the subject area. You can start the research from the website of the company and the find out the current performance in the area of job position.

Next step is to understand the industry situation of the subject area. Now let us take another example piping in oil and gas industry. We all know it has less growth than other industries. In case you are desperate to get a job and okay with this opportunity then also you should understand the piping industry, know latest trends, look at the solutions provided by prominent suppliers and understand their solution to best of you capacity. In case you understood the details then you can propose implementation of such solutions to showcase your research and genuine thoughts. In case you are not able to understand the details of latest solution then also you may share the list of such solutions and name of related supplier and tell honestly that more research is needed but you feel such solution will be helpful and you would like to contribute towards such initiatives.

If you are a fresher, then the domain or industrial work experience or maturity is something which is unfair to expect. In such cases (for freshers), it is always better to rely on technology. Every domain will have to depend on technology. Lets us another example of Civil industry. There are so many domains, like bridge, highways, facility management, township planning, etc., It is not possible for a fresher to expertise in all such areas, and industry do expect that, which is sometimes unfair. Here the way-out for students is to acquire technical skills which is applicable to almost all industries. It is spanned across drafting, 3D modelling, Detailing, Designing, Analysis, Construction Management, etc. Now you may relate these common skills which are applicable to all domains. Same concept applies to mechanical industry, electrical industry, etc. I would like you to refer to comprehensive understanding at this website which is intended mostly for freshers to get guidance to plan and build their career.

Last but not the least, you have to showcase your attitude to learn, attitude to work in a team, attitude to handle uncomfortable situations, etc. Since I have done more than 1000 recruitment's across the globe so let me tell you something which is very important for you to understand. We, as recruiter, do not expect perfection, we expect exposure and correct fundamentals, and an attitude to learn and work in a team. That’s it.

So you just need to showcase alignment of your interest with the interest of the company, your positive attitude and willingness to take up challenges and work as a team to achieve bigger goals.

Sound reasonable? Then go and crack the interviews.

All the Best!

Azuko Technical Institute

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