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Do you know the difference between Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit structure?

Hello Civil Engineers,

Revit is excellent bundle of software to fulfill BIM (Building information modelling) concept requirement, at least unto 70%, approximately. It may be another thread to debate about remaining 30% feature, however lets focus on what we have in Revit.

Revit Architecture

It is modelling and estimation part of any civil structure, like residential building, shopping mall, high rise towers, school and colleges, hospitals, etc. You make the model by walls, doors, windows, etc. Add different materials like stones, tiles, glass, wood, etc. to see how it would look. Look from different angles and see if model of the building looks good. You may also apply rendering to see how your structure would appear in different times of day, evening, night, etc. You may put plants, create gardens, place swimming pools, roads, pathways, boundary walls of different designs and experiment with numerous options to create a design of your choice, until you say, I am done!.

Estimation of bricks, plywood, tiles, glass, etc is also created by revit architecture which is not possible in other modelling software like Autodesk 3DS Max. Revit architecture has one disadvantage then it dos not provide esteem if steel.

Revit MEP

MEP stands for Mechanical (air conditioning), Electrical (Wiring, fixtures, etc.) and Plumbing (for washroom, kitchen, etc). This is only software in which there types of engineers work together, that is, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. Therefore it becomes immensely important to work together, in collaboration. Means all engineers should work on same version of the structure. If any revision is made to the structure and any engineer works on older design of the structure then his/her work may not be useful. Similarly it is also important to avoid conflict of works. for example if mechanical engineers makes their designs an choose a path for ducting and exhaust the it should not obstruct the piping and plumbing, also neither it should obstruct any electrical work.

These two objectives, (1) working collaboration, (2) conflict removal, are nicely met by Revit MEP. It avoid lots of rework which happen during construction process and this is the reason it is being popular in the industry. Many electrical engineers and mechanical engineers are making their career in Revit MEP (more appropriately in BIM industry). Since it is related to civil structure, so we believe maximum advantage should be taken by civil engineers to learn this part and move towards a better career.

Revit Structure

This is third pillar of the Revit pack which deals of analysis of the civil structure. You can apply various types of the loads, and see the impact on the structure and identify weak areas to improve your design. Unfortunately Revit structure is not being popular in industry due to known issue towards which Autodesk is working. In the meanwhile we would advice civil engineers to learn and ETABS to work in civil structure analysis areas.

Concluding notes

BIM is evolving and bound to progress further. You can visit website to know more about expertise you need to excel in your career. For more info contact us :


Azuko Technical Institute

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