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Did you study GD&T? What is its importance in designing and which book you should prefer for its

Dear All,

As a mechanical engineer, this is your latest development in common ground of designing and manufacturing. The intention is to save cost and move towards global manufacturing solution.

How it works?

Basically, the concept is to communicate the maximum permissible geometrical tolerance while ensuring desired functionalities. It means you would communicate the functionality in scientific manner.

To understand it, you would need to understand the meaning of geometric tolerance and why it is applied in addition to dimensional tolerance. How manufacturers derive bonus tolerance out of it and how it helps saving the costs.

How to learn it?

ASME 14.5:2009 is the bible of GD&T. If you can learn directly from there then you are good to go. Based on generic feedback, it would be difficult to learn from it. Rather you need school like baby steps learning based on fundamentals. We would recommend to go through Simplified GD&T book on Amazon & Notion press. It will start with fundamentals, ask many questions to make sure you are on right track, gives you numerical exercises to further clarify the concepts and ultimately takes you to industrial examples to make you completely ready for the job.

Sounds interesting? Jump in to Simplified GD&T book and upgrade yourself to latest mechanical engineering world.


Azuko Technical Institute


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