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What does the industry expect from a fresher mechanical engineer?

Hello All,

This is the most important question for any fresher to plan his/her career. The best people to answer this question are THE PEOPLE FROM INDUSTRY. Isn’t it?

With same intention, recently we conducted an open discussion session between students and one of the industry leader who works in mechanical as well as civil areas. We started these sessions with name as “INDUSTRY SPEAK”.

When industrial speaker started the session, the first question, after introductory round, asked to the students was, “Why should I hire you”? Everyone tried to give answer to be helpful to the industry. Further when the speaker started going into real life tasks to be performed, they didn’t have any idea as how to do it. Ultimately, no one was able to convince the speaker that she/he is hiring ready. Now second question came, what you want to do in mechanical engineering? Everyone said either Designing or Automobile. When they were asked, what exactly you can design in Designing or Automobile engineering, then again they were clueless.

After reality check of

Civil & Mechanical Engineer

of freshers, the speaker guided how to prepare to match the industry expectation such that they can become successful. What are multiple career options they can have. Entire story, with speaker details, is available at INDUSTRY SPEAK section of our webpage. We would encourage all Mechanical and Civil students and freshers to go through it and understand what industry expects from a fresher.

Happy exploring and happy career building.

-Azuko Technical Institute

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